wild clematis

The wild clematis, a familiar sight in winter hedgerows and woodland. The stylish more contemporary sculpture is available in three sizes, the large and medium having rectangular and square stems blending with the curvaceous graphic lines. Displayed as part of a planting scheme, perhaps amongst ornamental grasses or brightly colored borders the sculptures add another layer of interest and a subtle hint of contemporary art to even the smallest of gardens.

The three designs / sizes are crafted from sheet steel using the latest cutting technology. Left to oxidise naturally, the seed head’s color continues to evolve as the natural patina changes over time, highlighting the intrinsic beauty of the material.


Large         Overall Height  –  including 18 x 8mm rectangular stem  2250mm
……………Seedhead  –  Height  370mm       Width  510mm       Thickness  8mm


Medium      Overall Height  –  including 10mm square stem  1750mm
…………….Seedhead  –  Height  240mm      Width  340mm       Thickness  8mm


Small         Overall Height  –  including 8mm diameter stem 110mm
……………Seedhead  –  Height  140mm      Width  200mm      Thickness  4mm

Materials  |  Delivery |  Prices

The sculptures can be made from either mild steel or stainless steel.

Mild Steel, this is left to oxidise natrually with the rusted finish continually evolving with time to form a rich warm patina.

Stainless Steel, unlike steel and aluminium, stainless steel doesn’t corrode when exposed to the elements. A variety of surface treatments can be applied from brushed, to satin to the highly polished mirror finish.

Delivery – I usually have a range of Wild Clematissculptures that are ready to delivery. Delivery is usually about a week from the date of your order. If you need them sooner please drop me a note.


Pricing – please drop me a note or give me a ring with your requirements, i’m happy to give a reduction on individual prices when buying a group.
m / +44 (0)7743 489811
e / design@simonhempsell.co.uk