The Tulip sculpture by Simon Hempsell contemporary stainless steel sculpture
Contemporary garden sculpture by simon hempsell
The Tulip contemporary sculpture at doddington hall

the tulip

The Tulip sculpture is one that I have been working on during the winter. A little more abstract than some of my other work but still with the strong, graphical, curvaceous lines that I love so much, a design that’s been hidden away in my sketch book for sometime. The piece also differs from much of my other work having a greater depth making it a little more three dimensional, especially when edged with a different, contrasting material to the faces.


Over the winter months i’ve worked on refining the designs, turning sketches into reality and the first two pieces have been constructed to a height of 2.1 meters using a mix of corten steel for the two faces with a contrasting mirror polished stainless steel outer edge and a brushed stainless steel inner edge, giving an added sense of drama and depth.

Dimensions  |  Options

•  This is a bespoke piece and built to order.
•  Sizes can be scaled up or down to suit the intended site for the sculpture.
•  A number of base and plinth options.
•  Lighting can be included in the base.

Materials  |  Delivery |  Prices

The sculptures can be made from either mild steel corten steel, or stainless steel or a combination of steel and stainless steel.

Mild Steel, this is left to oxidise natrually with the rusted finish continually evolving with time to form a rich warm patina.


Corten Steel, a steel that naturally rusts, but unlike mild steel the rusting process actually forms a corrosion-retarding protective layer. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to form the ‘protective’ coating.


Stainless Steel, unlike steel and aluminium, stainless steel doesn’t corrode when exposed to the elements. A variety of surface treatments can be applied from brushed, to satin to the highly polished mirror finish.

Delivery – The Tulip is made to order. Delivery time varies on specification, please get in touch to discuss your ideas and delivery times.


Pricing – please drop me a note or give me a ring with your requirements.
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