a herd of deer

Our herd of Deer was inspired from watching Deer on a summers evening at the end of our garden. When we first had ideas for our family of Deer sculptures we always thought they would look good as group or herd and have installed a herd of the sculptures in our own garden as soon as they were finished.
Being able to view the sculpture from the house has been great, brightening up the garden through the winter months. The three curvaceous, contemporary designs are crafted from sheet steel and are allowed to rust naturally. The rusted finish continually evolves with time, its rich warm hues glowing in the winter sun.
For a large garden there is no doubt that the larger groups make an impressive site, set in the lawn or amongst trees. But you don’t need to have a large garden to install a group, three of our small baby deer sculptures can look great even in the smallest of gardens.
We have listed a few ideas for herd sizes and offer a discount on our individual prices when buying a herd. These are only suggestions, please do get in touch for pricing on your own ideas.


Stag   –     Height  2070mm       Width  1100mm       Thickness  8mm


Hind   –     Height  1800mm        Width  950mm        Thickness  8mm


Fawn  –    Height  1055mm        Width  750mm        Thickness  8mm

Materials  |  Delivery |  Prices

The sculptures can be made from either mild steel or stainless steel.

Mild Steel, this is left to oxidise natrually with the rusted finish continually evolving with time to form a rich warm patina.

Stainless Steel, unlike steel and aluminium, stainless steel doesn’t corrode when exposed to the elements. A variety of surface treatments can be applied from brushed, to satin to the highly polished mirror finish.

Delivery – the Deer sculptures are made to order, its usually 4-5 weeks from the date of order to delivery. If you need them sooner please drop me a note.


Pricing – please drop me a note or give me a ring with your requirements.
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